Technology Solutions Every Legal Firm Should Have

Technology Solutions Every Legal Firm Should Have
Technology Solutions Every Legal Firm Should Have

Technology is continuing to revolutionize the services and products offered by companies across various industries. Though slower to adapt such innovations due to additional security and confidentiality concerns, law firms are now reinventing themselves, too, by integrating legal technology solutions into daily workflows and processes to improve performance and maximize efficiencies.


Cyber Security

As its name suggests, cyber security entails the protection of confidential information across computer systems and networks. Today’s businesses face an abundance of threats from data breaches and cyber-attacks, underscoring the need for law firms to devote sufficient resources to ensure the protection of clients’ sensitive data. Safeguarding such information should therefore be a top priority.

Cyber security provides legal firms with secure data software, regular monitoring, testing, and recovery capabilities to reduce these risks.

Cloud Hosting

“Cloud” computing—software and/or services operating on the internet as opposed to a computer or related device—holds significant benefits for businesses of all sizes. It’s also gaining in popularity.

2017 study by computer security software company Intel Security including feedback from more than 1,400 senior tech and IT professionals found that hybrid cloud adoption grew 3X in the previous year, while the cloud services used among organizations were becoming more consolidated. Among other key insights, the analysis, titled “Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky: The State of Cloud Adoption and Security,” also predicted: 80 percent of all IT budgets would be committed to cloud solutions within 15 months of its publication, 73 percent of companies were planning to utilize a “fully software-defined data center” within two years, and a whopping 49 percent of businesses were delaying cloud deployment due to a cyber security skills gap.

Investing in cloud hosting and email services can give law firms affordable, all-purpose solutions to safeguard sensitive data and improve efficiencies, across the board.

Managed IT

From spyware installation and virus protection to data backup and daily tech support, remote server management and monitoring to a wide array of other related services—an experienced managed information technology (IT) provider will ensure a broad range of critical functions are executed smoothly and expeditiously, with the utmost care.

In the legal profession, such reliability is invaluable. Incorporating an outsourced IT management system thus possesses many operational benefits for a law firm, chief among these the all-important peace of mind that comes from knowing such responsibilities are in solid hands.

Data Storage

The digital age and rise of electronic-everything has led lawyers to increasingly depend on the integrity of their respective firm’s data storage systems to log, access, and maintain vital information ranging from legal briefs and depositions to correspondence and financial records.

Data storage and backup systems ensure the organization, preservation and future accessibility of important information via automatic encryption, secure transmission and safe repository features.


New York-based Sandwire specializes in full-service, managed IT solutions for a wide range of businesses, and offers a full suite of services for legal professionals and law firms. Contact our team of IT specialists to learn about Sandwire’s many legal technology solutions, today!


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