Network Services

SANDWIRE monitors your network to prevent unauthorized use, modification AND access.

Network Services

A custom-designed network is the foundation that helps your company operate seamlessly. Sandwire then arms your network with fundamental tools like firewalls, malware, anti-virus software and a reliable server to keep your organization safe from intruding parties. Sandwire is proactive, detecting issues before they become major problems, and addressing them before your system is affected. They also take innovative, preventative measures to affirm your network runs optimally, accommodating any upgrades or replacements as the need evolves.


IT Services


Sandwire oversees website productivity, prevent spam, and host your email accounts—all while keeping your information private and classified.

Help Desk


Sandwire’s IT staff is available to provide the help you may need when your systems act up. Almost as soon as you send your service ticket to via Sandwire’s website, their IT professionals begin researching possible solutions.

Network Security


Arming your network with fundamental tools like Firewalls, Malware, Anti-virus software, and a reliable server are the way to stay ahead of the curve when keeping your organization safe from intruding parties.

Onsite Services


Sandwire can support your technology needs remotely and onsite. Its expert IT staff is available to come to your place of business when a problem arises, offering you hands-on and immediate solutions.

Mobile Devices


Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are wonderful ways to stay in sync with the work being done at your headquarters, all from the comfort of your own home.

Data Design and Construction


A well designed data center makes it easier to respond quickly to growing business demands, reduces operating costs, and drastically simplifies your IT operations.

Hardware/Software Procurement


Sandwire can order the workstations you desire, bring them to your space, and install them along with the software and accessories you need.