Cyber Security

when it comes to cyber security, Every organization is at risk.

Cyber Security

Big corporations aren’t the only organizations at risk of a security breach. Hackers and cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small and medium sized businesses — especially those handling protected health information. Confidential information is vulnerable to data breaches, hacking incidents and ransomware. Ensure your data is properly protected by making cyber security a top priority. Sandwire works with you to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all of your data and files.

Customer & Internal Data


Sandwire works to effectively protect internal data and your client’s confidential information from external threats and data leaks.

Reduce Your Risk


Working with Sandwire to implement the proper security defense system can help reduce your risk of a cyber-attack thanks to our various layers of security methods.

Regular Testing


Sandwire regularly runs various tests to check the effectiveness of our security measures and confirm everything is continuing to work properly.



Sandwire monitors the security of your network and data to block viruses, malware, and unauthorized access into your network to ensure your private information remains protected.



If you experience a cyber-attack, Sandwire’s team can work with you to develop an effective recovery and prevention plan to help reduce the damage and prevent future breaches.

Sandwire Can Help


Sandwire’s team of cyber security specialists works effortlessly to secure your network and data so you can trust your confidential information is safe.