Specialized Support Areas

Specialized Support Areas

Here at Sandwire, we have a wonderful family of clients. We cherish your business’s technology needs and will work non-stop to get your company functioning the way you have always envisioned it. Like most other organizations, we have niche areas that we have been working with since the beginning that allow us to aid in the maintenance and protection of an abundance of crucial information. Medical offices and healthcare facilities, accounting firms, media organizations, hotels and spas, manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies are right on the top of our client family tree.

Medical and Healthcare Software

Sandwire specializes in installing and supporting the software and workstations for medical offices. We troubleshoot your technology problems so that your focus remains where it belongs—on remaining HIPAA compliant.

Accounting Software

Sandwire develops the ideal software platforms to support large quantities of information and easy data retrieval for all types of accounting firms.

Media Organizations

We specialize in providing all of the essential support and backups for media organizations. From shared folders and email functionality to printers and phone systems, we’ll make meeting your deadlines stress-free.

Hospitality Industry

We understand the importance of up-time in the hospitality industry. That’s why our clients depend on us to respond quickly and efficiently to their hotel’s technology needs. We’ll keep you checked in and ready for your guests.


From inventory software to mobile device support, Sandwire can support both your in-house workers and your field workers. We keep your invoice information and safe with daily backups and constant network security.


All of your pharmacy’s sensitive information and records can live in a safe place. Inventory, sales, client databases, and history co-exist seamlessly when you let Sandwire maintain and service your network.