Sandwire maintains strategic alliances to ensure your company is always in safe and reliable hands, no matter the project. 


Kaseya provides software solutions that help take the complexity out of IT, because they know the success of your business depends upon managing IT more effectively, efficiently and securely. Technology changes fast. Kaseya is busy improving their services, and building the services you’ll need in the future.  Learn More

ID Agent’s Channel-focused Dark Web monitoring platform provides the most validated credential exposure data available. ID Agent’s sophisticated intelligence allows companies to focus on their business with peace of mind.  Learn More

Our great friends at Corbett Public Relations are extremely talented at what they do. For us and our clients, Corbett PR has given seminars, press releases, and press opportunities at every exciting point in our budding careers. Their diligence and knowledge make them the ideal partner to have. Learn More

As a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, VMWare provides flexible cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services. This enables businesses to build an IT environment that improves productivity across the workplace. Learn More

Veeam develops backup, disaster recovery and data management software for virtual, physical and cloud-based technology solutions. This software provides businesses with a peace of mind knowing their data is secure, even if there’s an emergency. Learn More

Barracuda Networks, Inc. offers all in one cyber security services that work to protect all potential areas of a cyber attack. Barracuda protects your emails, websites, web applications, mobile devices, and network performance both on-site and in the cloud, so you know your confidential data is always safe. Learn More

As a global leader in the industry, Acronis delivers affordable data protection across various IT environments by offering data backup, disaster recovery and secure file sync and share solutions. Learn More

Synology offers specialized network-attached storage (NAS), IP surveillance solutions, and network equipment that transform the way businesses manage and protect their data. Learn More

Sonicwall’s advanced cyber security solutions work to protect your business from even the most destructive attacks including ransomware, encrypted malware, and email threats. Learn More

Bomgar offers innovative secure access solutions that enable your employees to safely connect to your platforms, devices, and data without the fear of a security breach, improving productivity across your organization. Learn More

Network Detective is an industry- leading IT assessment tool that delivers businesses the proper diagnostic data to help improve their operations. Network Detective’s proprietary data collectors compare multiple data points to uncover hard to detect issues, measure risk, suggest recommended fixes, and track remediation progress. Learn More

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As an HP partner Sandwire has exceptional knowledge and experience with HP products and services, enabling us to provide you with the proper tools and software you need to run your business.

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Sandwire allows businesses to run more effectively with the help of Microsoft’s IT solutions. Through the Microsoft Partner Network, we’re able to provide our clients with resources that will help to transform their organizations.