Kaseya and Sandwire Help Clients Comply

Kaseya and Sandwire Help Clients Comply

If compliance regulations make your heart race, you are not alone. Federal regulations — such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and FINRA — which used to be burdens only to large enterprises, have trickled downstream resulting in significant challenges for small to mid-sized businesses. Rigorous and complex regulatory guidelines, coupled with hefty fines for non-compliance, have led to a dramatic rise in the demand for compliance services. Now, Sandwire and Kaseya have stepped up to answer that call.

Compliance has become a necessity across so many business sectors, said Adam Schwam, CEO, Sandwire Group, a leading Managed IT firm, and a Kaseya partner. We serve as an expert resource to our clients for a wide range of compliance issues.

As reported in Yahoo Finance, Kaseya, a strategic partner of Sandwire and a leader in IT software, recently announced a $10 million investment in its compliance unit. Kaseya puts compliance services into the hands of Managed IT companies, the technology and security experts that small businesses rely upon to guide their compliance efforts.

In particular, Sandwire’s HIPAAcraticRx specializes in the healthcare market, working with independent physicians and their vendors that handle PHI (Protected Health Information). They’ve devised a proprietary 5-step HIPAA compliance program that is affordable and accessible to practices that previously did not have an active compliance effort.

Sandwire is actively expanding compliance capabilities. Ask about standards for your industry or profession! For more information on the HIPAAcraticRx program, click here.