Medical Providers

Sandwire is a fully HIPAA compliant service provider with a deep understanding of the challenges medical practices face.

Healthcare Information Technology

Healthcare professionals have more to worry about today than ever before. Ever-changing regulations, healthcare system consolidations and shrinking margins are pressuring healthcare providers to perform more like business people than like medical professionals.


Sandwire is a fully HIPAA compliant service provider with deep knowledge and understanding of critical security issues that help protect patient identities and personally identifiable information (PII). Because of the complexity and uncertainty surrounding healthcare reform and regulations, your IT provider must be certified in all areas of compliance to ensure that your practice is adhering to proper protocols every step of the way. But, with our partner HIPAAcraticRx, we take these services several steps further. Learn more about our managed HIPAA compliance program.


Losing access to data isn’t an option in the medical field. The importance of maintaining secure and consistent backup protocols is critical and something no medical practice should ever have worry about. Sandwire has developed a reliable backup system that protects your data and allows for quick recovery when hard drives fail. We automatically encrypt your files and transmit them daily to our secure, offsite storage facility.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) are used interchangeably to address the Meaningful Use reform and recommendations under the HITECH ACT of 2009. Physicians, physician groups and hospitals are expected to continually adopt and maintain patient records in secure databases that can be easily accessed and shared with complementary practitioners. The concept is one that many have embraced in theory but the rollout has been difficult, expensive and fraught since it was first introduced. Because there is no universal standard and the time and cost of implementing EMR can be painful. It’s important to work with an IT provider that understands your operation and can advise on the proper implementation and maintenance of your EMR system.


Beyond the secure infrastructure and robust backend environment that Sandwire provides its healthcare clients, we offer insights into trends and innovations in the marketplace. We offer direct consulting services and work sessions that examine new technological trends in the healthcare field such as telemedicine and cybersecurity. Because we work for a vast array of medical professionals, Sandwire is often able to connect complementary providers to increase collaboration and drive revenue to our clients.