Law Firms


The legal field has been swept up by innovation and the industry is evolving each and every day. From managing cloud document storage and automating document preparation to accessing electronic discovery and collaborative research tools, law firms are fully invested in technology. Sandwire offers a full suite of services to legal professionals and our techs understand the nuances of this industry.

One of the reasons the legal field has been slow to adopt new technology was the essential need for privacy and security. Maintaining confidentiality and securing information is a top priority.  Thus, until recently, it wasn’t worth the risk of fully converting to cloud based solutions or risking capital investments on new technology that might change in a matter of months. Things are different today and Sandwire’s clients are fully embracing the advantages that come with a fully integrated and robust IT environment.


The cost savings associated with cloud storage and digital communication have offset the loss of billable time that comes with the increase of productivity. This was a challenge that plagued law firms for years but has now come full circle. Clients expect faster responses and non-legal entrants have automated certain processes that were formerly the exclusive domain of legal professionals.


Manage your subscription services and ensure that your lawyers and paralegals have instant access to the research they need from anywhere in the world. Concepts such as machine learning and artificial intelligence are beginning to make waves in global firms, so it’s more important than ever for smaller firms to be nimble and efficient when it comes to accessing research.


While the “gig economy” hasn’t fully impacted the legal profession as much as others, many law firms are increasingly reliant on a mobile workforce no longer tethered to the office. Sandwire works with law firms to help facilitate remote workers and ensure that every member of your team stays connected in an increasingly mobile world.


Maintain client confidentiality and providing a secure data environment is critical for legal professionals. Because our clients deal with sensitive information and are often required to store documents for years – and sometimes decades – having a secure cloud document storage protocol is of the utmost importance. Sandwire provides 24/7 support and deploys the most up-to-date technology to secure your data and documents.