Accounting Practices

Sandwire is a strategic partner to accounting firms with a solid understanding of all major accounting products.

As a specialist in the in the accounting industry, our techs possess a deep working knowledge and understanding of all major accounting products such as MAS90, CCH Pro Systems Engagement and the full suite of Intuit products such as Lacerte. We work closely with private accountants and large firms alike to build custom data solutions to meet the needs of both the company and the workforce.

Sandwire is more than just an IT consultant to accounting firms across Long Island. We’re a partner that understands the mindset and skillset of the accounting professional. Like you, we are data driven and precise in our recommendations. Moreover, we understand the cyclical rhythms of accounting season and make sure to offer full support when it’s needed most.


The days of manual ledgers are long gone but the need to efficiently manage paperwork, data and files is greater than ever. Ensuring your data is secure is a top priority of every accounting firm. Being able to access work papers, filings and client history in an instant is of the utmost importance. Sandwire establishes and maintains a secure environment for your data and records and provides support to every member on your team.


Software is susceptible to viruses and hardware breaks down. System failures such as these might be unavoidable but your operation should be able to continue no matter what. Whether you utilize server-based or cloud-based systems, being able to access information instantly is vital. Sandwire supports a wide array of accounting software platforms and provides best in class on-site and off-site hardware support.

Coordinated Devices

As younger accounting professionals enter the workforce and remote employment continues to increase, the use of personal devices for business purposes has also expanded. Sandwire understands these employment realities and works to ensure a unified approach to accessing information, managing email, securing data and protecting client information.


Sandwire provides around-the-clock support for all of our clients. Because we work closely with accounting professionals and firms, we increase our level of support during tax season. Our job is to make sure you can do your job at peak efficiency.