Community Giving


Community Giving The importance of giving back permeates Sandwire’s corporate culture. As CEO of The Sandwire Group, Adam Schwam sets the example and motivates the team.  Not only is this good for the community, but it is also good for business.  Many of Sandwire’s clients have hired the company, inspired by its generosity and community spirit. Some examples: Adam is a founding member of The Long Island Elite, a young business professionals’ networking organization that encourages relationship-building through giving back to and raising funds for regional charities. Sandwire has been a consistent event sponsor and Adam, himself, has been a ready volunteer for nearly 20 years since the organization’s inception. In 2004, Adam participated in the Long Island Fight for Charity, boxing three rounds to raise money for local charities. He entered the ring before more than 1,500 spectators and had an amazing bout. When it was over, he hung up his gloves and retired a champ. In 2019, he made an encore performance before 2,000+ spectators, his contender his close friend and client, Bert Lurch of E Central Medical Management, Inc. Adam wrote, produced and starred in a movie short entitled “What are a Few Punches Worth,”  based on the Rocky films, and a parody of the rivalry between Rocky and Apollo Creed. He organized a movie premier to raise awareness and funds. He brought in sponsors, including Sandwire’s own IT software provider, Kaseya. All told, Adam and Bert raised more than $65,000 that went directly to local charities. Other members of the Sandwire Group team also contribute to and participate in community and business organizations, charity boards and committees. Belief in community, participation and giving back has long been key to Sandwire’s culture and will continue to be for years to come.