Sandwire maintains strategic alliances to ensure that your company is always in safe and reliable hands, no matter what the project.

We pride ourselves on our capabilities and professionalism, and only want to introduce you to companies that share the same beliefs.


Morey Creative Studios has enjoyed a 15 year relationship with Sandwire. Sandwire provides Morey Creative Studios and its affiliates, such as the Long Island Press, Mayava Capital Funding and Tech Industry Loans, with IT services and business consulting. Likewise, over the years Morey Creative Studios has helped Sandwire with its digital marketing and branding presence in New York and on Long Island. Morey Creative Studios is a HubSpot Gold Partner agency and focuses on driving revenue and sales growth through Inbound Content Marketing. Learn more

Sandwire Affiliations

The great people at Total Networking and Consulting have shown us how to be the best business we can be, and they can do the same for you. Their hands-on business techniques have helped us learn how to get clients and keep them. Not only that, they have fun and informative meetings once a month for members to discuss new ideas for success. Learn more

Sandwire Affiliations

The best way to learn about policy and procedure is through people who handle it every day. The great staff at Integrated Coverage has kept us informed about all of the new, innovative policies at the forefront of the insurance world. Today, it’s best to keep informed about the ever-changing insurance market. Learn more

Sandwire Affiliations

Our team at Sandwire knows how valuable marketing is to every business. Whether it’s SEO, social media, creative services, our friends at Progressive Marketing have helped us and our clients put their best marketing foot forward. Learn more

Sandwire Affiliations Corbett

Our great friends at Corbett Public Relations are extremely talented at what they do. For us and our clients, Corbett PR has given seminars, press releases, and press opportunities at every exciting point in our budding careers. Their diligence and knowledge make them the ideal partner to have. Learn more

Sandwire Affiliations DJsEvents

Where would a full-service IT company be without a full-service event planner? No one knows how to put an event together like DJS Events. What good is having clients if you can’t entertain them once in a while? No matter your occasion, DJS Events helps make every moment spectacular; we couldn’t ask for better friends. Learn more