The Team

Our people are our biggest asset!

Leadership Team

Adam Schwam - President & CEO

He’s personable, witty and, actually, wise! He thinks in bytes and bits, but explains in layman’s language. He’s commited to community and sees the bigger picture. Adam is Sandwire’s visionary as well as day-to-day leader.

Karen Perry Headshot

Karen Perry-Weinstat - Senior Vice President

She’s working both on and in the business - in the front seat for marketing and sales, and in the back for operations. She personifies the saying “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.” That's Karen's specialty!

Adam Altman

Adam Altman - VP, Senior IT Engineer

The Grand Poobah* of systems' integration and critical projects, he'll wade knee-deep into your IT challenges and emerge - victorious! Just don’t dare him to shave his head…

*Gilbert & Sullivan/Flintstones reference

Pedro Vieira

Pedro Vieira - IT Engineer

He's King of Kaseya (our management software), and technician extraordinaire. Pedro maintains networks and resolves computer issues efficiently and with a smile. An avid and talented drone photographer, he's got the 10,000 foot view both literally and figuratively - where it counts.

Debi Longo

Debi Longo - Administrative Director

She is the master juggler who knows Sandwire, inside and out! She knows what is needed, by whom and by when. Most importantly, she makes sure it gets done. From who is assigned, to what’s on the agenda… when Debi’s on it, it’s done!

Tina Sabo

Tina Mae - Executive Assistant, VoIP Manager

Who says you can’t multi-task? Assistant to the Big Chief, QuickBooks/accounting diva, Queen of VoIP phones - and, often, that friendly voice on the phone, Tina does it all with grace and a genuine smile!

The Gang

smalll group silhouette 300x251 1

Sandwire Technology Group Tech Team

From IT engineers and technicians working the Help Desk, in the field, "on the bench" (readying equipment for distribution), to ticket dispatchers, project managers, compliance specialists and telephone system experts - we've got 'em. We are ready to meet your day-to-day IT issues and to tackle your biggest, most challenging projects.

canine corp silhouette

Our Canine Support Team

A dog-friendly workplace, this Support Team doesn't touch a computer, but nonetheless, serves a critical role. This stress-relief squad takes their mission seriously, offering up a belly for a good scratch, getting their person outdoors for a nice walk, and the all-purpose smile-maker - a mushy cuddle with a waggily tail.

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