The right team supporting your team!

For over two decades, Sandwire Group has been a complete technology solution provider, evolving alongside technology at breakneck speed. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT services on Long Island and in Queens and Manhattan.

Our talented team of IT professionals is available to support you and your team, 24/7.

Our people are our biggest asset! Why do so many businesses depend upon the Sandwire Group team to protect and manage their technology systems? Here’s why:

REASON 1 – Adam Schwam, President

He’s personable, witty and, actually, wise! He thinks in bytes and bits, but explains in layman’s language. He is Sandwire’s visionary…leading the charge forward!

REASON 2 – Karen Perry, Sr. VP, COO

She's working on the business, with stategies, budgets and blueprints, and in the business on client relations, proposals and protocols. Just when you think she's all work, look out!

REASON 3 – Pedro Vieira, Technical Services Manager

He's King of Kaseya (our management software), and Master of our tech-room domain. An avid and talented drone photographer, he's got the 10,000 foot view both literally and figuratively - where it counts.

REASON 4 – Debi Longo, General Manager & master juggler

From keeping track of what is needed, by whom, on what date to scheduling anything, EVERYTHING tech, you should know…Debi’s got it!

REASON 5 – Adam Altman, Senior Network Engineer

The Grand Poobah of system’s integration and critical projects, but don’t dare him to shave his head…

REASON 6 - T. Norris, Office Manager

Queen of VoIP phones, QuickBooks’ diva, and, often, that friendly voice on the phone.

REASON 7 – Natasha Kennedy, Field Technician

Her supercharged smile makes you break into a grin, but her mad fix-it skills make you sigh with relief.

Ernest Douglas

REASON 8 – Ernest Douglas, Technology Manager

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, NO, it’s BackUpMan! Ready to replicate your server in a single bound…a meticulous troubleshooter and problem solver.

REASON 9 – Marisa Kerby, Technical Liaison

Hers is a land of platforms and policies, procedures and processes. A teamwork catalyst, she moves the needle forward with efficiency and purpose.

REASON 10 – Derby Bonilla, Network Engineer

Our "new kid on the block" is a high energy guy! He's brings 15+ years of IT experience and a true "can do" attitude to the team.

REASON 11 – Zach Friedman, Help Desk Technician

He’s that techno-wizard who you’ll want assigned to your ticket. This long-time intern turned full-time technician may have just graduated in May, but is way...above the fray!

REASONS 12 + The Sandwire swing staff adds its expertise and abilities as vetted "on call" technicians, marketing/social media assistants, billing and bookkeeping support, and technical and administrative student interns.