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Managed IT

Managed IT

Nothing is more important to the success of your business than the functionality and organization of your IT systems. Keeping up with the intricacies of network improvements can cost you time, money, and hassle. New solutions and developments are more abundant now than ever before and require non-stop assessment and decision-making. Sandwire can handle all the required adjustments and monitoring that your daily operation deserves at an affordable rate that your business desires.

Our expert IT consultants are prepared manage your technology when a crisis arrives, ensuring that you can get back to work without worrying about your systems functionality while providing as much or as little administrative control as you want.

IT Services

Sandwire oversees website productivity, prevent spam, and host your email accounts—all while keeping your information private and classified.

Help Desk

Our IT staff is constantly here to provide the help you may need when your systems act up. Almost as soon as you send your service ticket to our office via our website, our IT professionals are on top of a possible solution.

Remote Maintenance

Remote monitoring plays a vital role in permitting a business to benefit from the convenience and expediency of working from home in an easy way.

Network Security

Arming your network with fundamental tools like Firewalls, Malware, Anti-virus software, and a reliable server are the way to stay ahead of the curve when keeping your organization safe from intruding parties.

Onsite Services

Sandwire can support your technology needs remotely and onsite. Our expert IT staff is available to come to your place of business when a problem arises, offering you hands-on and immediate solutions.

Mobile Devices

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are wonderful ways to stay in sync with the work being done at your headquarters, all from the comfort of your own home.

Data Backup

Sandwire has developed a reliable backup design that protects your data and allows for quick recovery when hard-drive failure rears its ugly head.

Asset Management

Effective software license management for your business enables you to adapt with the quickly-changing technology market, establishes entitlement compliance, and optimizes revenue.